Launching the game in wahcade

Hi there,

i wrote a game in panda. When I try to launch it in wahcade(a gui game launcher written in python and pygame), lui comes up just fine but when the main game comes up, only the background can be seen, not a single model is shown. When I launch the game from kde everything is fine.
And another thing is: When I launch wahcade from kde and launch the game over wahcade from there, everything works fine, too. That makes me think that kde loads something up which is missing when kde is not started. But what could that be? Anybody got any idea?
Nothing interesting in the logs, no errors, no warnings.


Or is it possible that panda turns some instructions to the windowmanager which fail when there is no windowmanager or something? I’m really getting out of ideas here, glad for any idea I could try.
I had to put

xsetroot -cursor_name left_ptr&

in the .xinitrc to get the right mouse cursor showing up(without it panda/lui only show the standard X-cursor). Maybe there could be another line to get the 3d-modells in panda showing up? All other games 3d or not run fine but not games made with panda. So this has to be something pandarelated on the other hand?

I don’t know why that is treated different with and without windowmanager but the solution is to parent nothing to the camera. Create a new node and parent everything which should be parented to the camera and the camera to that node and move this node instead of the camera. Solves this issue.

But I still don’t understand why.