Laser line effect in Panda3d. Ideas anyone?


Wonder if you could help. I need to simulate the effect of a ‘laser line’. I’d like to create an invisible plane in my panda3d scene, and wherever any objects intersect the plane, a line should be visible. Is there a way to do this?

Many thanks

I’ve found something that should have worked. I set a spotlight with a 180 degree horizontal field of view and a 0.1 degree vertical field of view. This should have worked but I still get a light with the same field of view in Horizontal and vertical planes.

Spotlights can only have a circular field of view, even if you try to set a non-uniform field of view. This is a limitation of your graphics hardware and has nothing to do with Panda.

Not entirely sure what effect you’re going for, but maybe a clip plane would do it?