Kyvi Gui with Panda3d?

There is an easy way for use kyvi with Panda3d?

probably not. but if kyvi can render to texture and has api for injecting mouse/keyboard events you can definitely get it working with panda.

Some time ago one of the Kyvi developer (Mathieu “tito” Virbel) made an attempt to integrate Kyvi with Panda, but unfortunately this attempt left without proper attention.

The post date was from 2011 :frowning:
Thank you anyway.

That’s pretty cool, I was something about that (GL host pipe) earlier. I hope they’ll sometime find the time to submit their work as a patch to Panda3D.

@Adanf: Yes, post from 2011, but changes dated 2013
panda3d-1.8.0-glhost.diff 15-Jan-2013 13:32

@rdb: tito has uploaded diff file for 1.8.0. Not sure that he interested to make something more himself without P3D community support.

I was search for something that can be similar to Kivy code in the Panda3d reference or manual documentation but didn’t find anything.
I think ,as write on the Kivy website documentation, they now officially support pygame engine and the Panda3d implementation is no longer supported/implemented.