Kind of going along...but need help.

Hello, I am very very intrested in making a game with Panda3D, and i’m very new here. i started about a week ago. anyways, i’ve come across the problem. I’m doing OK (on my terms) with the Python24.1 or the newest version, and have completed making the basics, a calender, calculator, making it remember what you said (a = raw input) and all of the very first tutorial. :blush: i feel so alone…

I am trying to do the very first sample and understand it, and i’ve overlooked it time after time again but i dont get it :cry:
What command prompt is it talking about? The python shell? Windows command prompt? Im so confused…

Could anybody give me a starters tutorial or something? I dont understand how to run the game! :frowning:

By the way, im using the first sample that got downloaded with Panda3D

I dont understand what you’re trying to say, you should post the line you dont get. It prolly dos prompt if its : ppython

You open the command prompt by going to START->All Programs->Accessories->Command Prompt.

Check out this thread for a getting started tutorial:


Perfect, just what i need.

Thanks guys. :slight_smile: