Just wondering ...

Hi , im new to this and i was wondering , how do you open .bam files ?
I cant work out how to open them :@(

same as egg files

modelNodePath = loader.loadModel(‘yourmodel.bam’)

Sorry , but the post above did not mean anything to me !
I am VERY new to this ! And dont even know what egg files are :smiley: :open_mouth: Can someone please translate the above script. I am trying to open a .bam file from Disney’s Toontown online .mf files . PLEASE HELP !! :wink:

Edit : its ok , i worked it out , Thanks , Yellow .
Anyone know how to open .DNA files ?

If you want to view a .bam or a .egg file
Open a console and type:

pview yourfile.egg

or the same with .egg file
The code Yellow worte above:
Create a file, save it with the extension .py

import direct.directbase.DirectStart
modelNodePath = loader.loadModel('yourmodel.bam')

with the code yellow worte you can load a file. The reparent inserts the code in the render tree means it is shown …

Best way to understand is to read the Manual

In addition to the advice given above, it also helps to know exactly what you mean by “open.”

If you mean “open the file in a text editor and look at its contents,” that’s not really an option with the .bam format. The .bam file is meant to be a closed format; looking at the bytes inside generally won’t make any sense.

But for viewing the model described by the file, pview is the correct tool. For a file named myfile.bam,

pview myfile.bam

… and you should get a window on your screen displaying the model that is contained in the .bam file.

Changing or editing the model is more complicated.

Best of luck!

I think we should add a text about pview in “Introductory Tutorials”
What do you think Josh, drwr and all the others?

That seems reasonable, but be sure not to disrupt the flow of the tutorial.

look at this : img454.imageshack.us/img454/6397/bam8qc.jpg

Version 5.6 , how is that possible ???

Anyone please help ?

The Toontown team downloads Panda from source and compiles it for themselves, so they do not necessarily use the same version of Panda that is available for download here. For a while, the Panda source code version (available via CVS) was using bam version 5.6, even though the last officially released version here only supported bam version 5.4. This was the version of Panda that was shipped with the current Toontown release.

As it happens, by now the source code version has jumped up to bam version 6.2. So even if you downloaded and built the latest Panda from the CVS source, you would still have difficulty reading the Toontown models. You’d have to download and build the appropriate version of Panda from the CVS repository. This is possible, but it will require some technical savvy.

Sorry, but I’m not going to give you any more help stealing the Toontown models. :slight_smile:

Eventually, Toontown and the public Panda distribution are likely to catch up to each other again by themselves, and then you’ll be able to inspect these models again easily. Until then, you’ll just have to wait, or learn a lot about using CVS.


thanks , for you post drwr , im just trying to have a look at the files , i have only started using Panda 3D in the past few days , and whats all this stuff about CVS ? It sounds fun