i proudly present you my game “jump-n-shout”.

you can move around objects by either using your voice (shout the microphone) or by just pressing a button.
to reach the end of each level, you have to throw around stones to get on to higher platforms, or by catapult yourself up, or by moving crystals to their correct places, you can also stick along some walls (hit jump repeatly).

the game was made with panda3d (of course), the physX wrapper from ennox (thanks), pyaudio, numpy and pygame.

it’s in prebeta, and some menu-items don’t work right now (no controller mapping, not possible to choose level).
but we are looking forward to make it better (usertesting, usertesting…).
there are only 6 short levels to introduce the gameplay.

the game only runs on windowsXP and vista (sorry linux and mac users).

have a look on it, i hope you like it…

here are some (some many) screenshots:

and a small video:

greets, kampfgnu

linux port, pleeeease :slight_smile:

The screenshots look really nice, good job. But I can’t run it since I’m on linux. :frowning:


i tried the whole night to compile NxPanda on my ubuntu :unamused:
today i finally was able to generate a so-file and it works (kind of),
but the collision groups dont work how they should. so its unplayable right now. i really dont know how to make it run properly :cry:

did anyone successfully compile ennox’s NxPanda on a linux machine?

i would be happy if you have some hints in doing so.

greets, kampfgnu

i added a video at youtube (link is in the first post above) to let you have a look at the game in action.
until now i couldn’t port it to linux, but i’m looking forward to do so somewhen…


man the video looks fantastic, I’m downloading the game now. I am such a sucker for quirky platformers.

kampfgnu, mind if we use your screen shots and link to your page for panda3d promotion?

hi, it looks sweet :slight_smile:

but its not working on my computer :_( although im running win vista on it, seems my graphiccard makes troubles or the game…

after few seconds of loading it crashs :frowning:

2x quad xeon
8 gig ram
ati firegl 7600

congratulation! :slight_smile:

@treeform: of course you can use the screenshots and link… would be a great honor to me :smiley:

@ditus: thanks!
could you please open the terminal (command prompt), move to the folder where you installed the game (e.g.: “C:\Jump-N-Shout\game”),
then type the following (without the quotes):
“…\python\python.exe main.pyc” and hit enter.
if the game crashes, there should be some error messages on the console.

please post the errors here, i will try to fix it.


sorry, no error message…

hmmm thats weird…
i will try to find out on a friends vistamachine after the holidays.
hopefully i come back with a fix in one week.
until then, have a nice silvesterbeer and so on :smiley:

greetzzz, kampfgnu

Are you using CVS head ?


the youtube vdo is really cool! keep it up! really nice

A rly nice game :smiley: good job

really cool! Nice work!