join model with the clothes

I have a character with an animation and I have a clothing model I want to attach to the character animation. When attached to the character, it moves but clothing does not move with the character animation.

Will they have any advice to work properly?


Well if your using Panda with Blender, you model your character and clothes as separate objects.

You parent your character mesh to your rig with automatic weights, and adjust with weight paint.

Then you parent the characters clothes, Note: Make sure your clothes and or accessories are all separate objects.
To your rig with automatic weights and adjust with weight paint.

Clothes are done the same way as when you rigged your character.

Note: You parent your clothes to your rig and not the character.

Since I aujste weights Blender automatic shirt for my character to the armature of this. Then I paint the weights tool Blender. Then I export the model shirt with chicken exporter.

But when I made ​​the joint of the shirt with the armature in Panda3D, this shirt does not fit the character correctly.

You will have some simple example?


Ill make up an example and tutorial for you now. Give me a couple of hours and check back :slight_smile:

Just wanted to let you know I didnt forget about you :slight_smile: I am texturing this character and his accessories and then ill make a video or pdf tutorial on how to Rig, Animate him with his clothes and weapons/armor.

Thank you very much for your help. For example, you separate the clothes of your character. Then when you export your character. Egg, this is exported animated without clothes, right?. Then when you export the character’s clothing, this will have q are in a separate export file. Egg and must make a joint of clothing with the animated character in Panda3D.

Does the clothes will fit the character animation?

If your character moves a leg, do the clothes will follow the movement of the character?


Actually I haven’t tried with having the clothes in separate files yet.

In the tutorial/example I am putting together for you everything you see is a separate object. And yes his clothes will move/flow with the character and his animation. You can even have his sword attached to his hip and rock back and forth as he walks.

If you use a mocap rig his belt would actually move with the flow of his hips. But on this character because he has a big butt it looks funny. He looks like a boy rat walking like a girl :slight_smile: lol

Your welcome I was planning on doing a whole Blender/Panda3D tutorial series but hadn’t got to it yet. But lately I have been getting a lot of IM’s and Emails on how to do different stuff with blender for Panda so what better place to start than this :slight_smile:

Well I have to call it quiets for the night but I will finish this first thing in the morning :slight_smile: I just have to texture his sword and shield. The tutorial part will only take a few minutes. So I should have a tutorial/example for you sometime tomorrow.

This is what the character is looking like now. And yes he is missing his tale, poor fellow lost it to a mouse he was
harassing, I guess next time he will pick on someone his own size :wink: lol

jejje, your character looks good

regards :smiley:

Sorry your tutorials taking so long, its finished I am uploading it now to github, but my Internet is super slow so it keeps timing out. Eventually it will finish uploading.

Ok here you go, I hope it helps you out.

Thank you very much by example. This very cool your character. But I have a question is as follows:

  • Export every piece of clothing the character in a file. Egg.
  • Export the character without clothes in a file. Egg.
  • Attach the file of the character. Egg clothes separately from Panda3D.
  • That when you run the character animation is attached to clothing character and follow the movement of the character.

Is it possible to do this?.


Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes you can do all of those things.

What you have to do is in a new Blender session, you “Append” your character without any clothes or accessories and export that to an egg file, then you start a new Blender session and you “Append” your characters pants and export that to an egg file.

You do that for each object attached to your characters rig.

For animations you can create a single animation and export it as an egg using the export animation option in the yabee exporter. In pose mode if you press…

  1. Alt+R for clearing of rotation
  2. Alt+G - location
  3. Alt+S - scaling of the bones.
    You can reset your rig back to its original “T” position.

I will try to make another video that shows howto do this. I am working on re-making the video I did for you and creating a website/github repo to host the files. Right now if I was you I would just work on what you have so far and on animation. Animations that look right are hard unless you have sometype of mocap system.

I exported the clothes in a separate egg character. I make the union of the clothes with the character from Panda3D using the following code:

myNodePath = actorNodePath.exposeJoint(None,"modelRoot","Joint Name")

But the character’s feet move, the pants are distorted, Will you have any advice?

Should I create an animation for pants like the character?


  • The union of the clothes and the character made ​​from Panda3D
  • Export files clothing and independent character
  • Animation and character of the armature from blender.


Add a video example of what I do.
To add the character’s clothes and armor separately and that they continue the movement of the character.

Can this be done on the fly from panda3d?