Jiggly Vertex

youtube.com/watch?v=vKOhJCl … e=youtu.be
(run ‘cloth_gpu.py’)

I was trying to make some cloth simulation, it didn’t work all that good, but it gave me a nice idea how to make parts of a animated character behave in a more natural way.

Jiggle bones are used for wiggling antennas, bouncy flesh, floppy ears, and so on. I’m almost sure most of You know what ‘jiggly bones’ are so, I’m just gonna tell you that ‘Jiggly Vertex’ work on the same principle, but without bones.
I’ve painted some verts of the model cyan (rgb(0,1,1)), the rest is default white. The more cyan the color of a vertex the more jiggly it is, white on the other hand are rigged.
There’s a rope with a weight pined to the character and simulated by Bullet - the pos of the weight relative to the character is then send to a vertex shader - this offset is then multiplied by the 1.0-red_vertex_color and added to the vertex position. That’s all it takes to make things sway. :mrgreen: