Issues when handling videos

Hi there,
i’m experiencing some trouble when handling video files. The code that i’m using is the one featured in the code example of movie player.

self.register_texture = MovieTexture("register")
success_ ="A_CLIENT/ASSETS/GAME/CINEMATICS/register.mp4")
assert success_, "Failed to load video!"

reg_cm = CardMaker("Register")


self.register_card = NodePath(reg_cm.generate())

self.register_texture.loop = False

but the video that i’m seeing stops a litte bit before its actual end, and has like a red tint to it, like it is glitched in some parts of it. This is happening to a video that i reversed in premiere pro and exported as mp4. The original is played as well in the application, and has none of the problems above. So, do you know how to play videos backwards in panda3d or resolve those glitches?

note: i’ve tried .setPlayRate(-1) and this plays it in reverse, but it is EXTREMELY laggy and completely unusable.

MovieTexture is not a player with different effects. Trying to hack it will lead to nothing. I used ffmpeg with such commands to create a video reversed.

ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe -i PandaSneezes.ogv -vf reverse PandaSneezesRevers.ogv

Result. (487.0 KB)