issues in Panda3D samples (1.8.0)

Looking at the samples is one of the first things a beginner does, so I think we should fix these soon.

  1. Cartoon Shading - The Dragon model with no vertex colors shows that cel shading ignores them. Bug?
  2. Disco Lights - per pixel lightning and shadows can’t be disabled after shadows are enabled
  3. Fractial Plants - sample is broken, up/down don’t do anything
  4. Music Box - “Open Box” button is on the Volume slider meaning if you get the thumb under it and release, you can’t access it anymore.
    Plus when the music finishes, a closing sound is heard, but music box remains open. Maybe cut that part from the ogg file.
  5. Particle Panel has a small blank window, though it doesn’t need to ( tkwindow.withdraw() )

And not really issues, but

  1. Maybe Roaming Ralph should be using CollisionHandlerFloor and CollisionHandlerPusher instead. CollisionhandlerQueue is difficult to use for beginners and not letting them know there are easier ways might make them quit too fast.
  2. Maybe Texture Swapping should do base.disableMouse()