Issue with particle inconsistency

Greetings all!

We’re having a bit of difficulty with particle consistency. We’ve got a world set up that contains a hose spewing water (a gravity-affected particle that is a texture of a small blue circle). When I look at the world on my computer the effect looks correct, and when anyone looks at it in the particle panel it looks correct. However, when we look at the world on one of our artist’s computers, the particles are black.

On my machine (where particles look right), I have a Gigabyte Radeon 9600/Pro card. Our artist has an NVIDIA GeForce 6800. The fact that the particles look correct in the particle panel viewer on both machines suggests to me that there is some non-default characteristic of our world—perhaps lighting—that is throwing things off. However, I tried setting light off for the node that is specified as the second and third argument to Particle.start, but to no avail.

Can anyone suggest other differences to explore?


Due to the scene graph lots of attributes are inherited. I’m assuming your using a sprite particle system. Make sure the parent nodes (third and second argument of start) has the correct attributes on them.

Set lights off is one thing, but make sure you setColor to (1,1,1,1), also make sure that particle rtf loader thing you wrote is working properly try it on an empty scene.

We have seen a bug in the past where fog is applied differently to particules on ATI vs. NVidia cards. By any chance, are you using fog in your scene? If you are, turn it off on your particles with something like:



So I realize that I’m bringing up a very old topic, but I had what sounds like the same problem and I found a solution. My particles worked fine on my RadeonX1600, but all of my particles were black on my artist’s NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT, though transparency worked. The reason: setShaderAuto() was called on one of its parents, and I had to call setShaderOff() on the particle’s node in order to get it to work. Just hoping to help anyone else with the same problem.

-Also Mark