Issue with multi-actor parts' positions


as the title says I’m having troubles using multipart actors.
In image1/2 you can see the body and the head of my model in blender. They’re mounted on the SAME skeleton(I’ve worked on them on the same file and then I separated them).


The problem is that the result which I obtain with the following code is what you can see in Image3:

    60	        self.player = Actor(models=mod_dict,anims=anim_dict)
    61	        self.player.reparentTo(self.render)
    63	        headj = self.player.exposeJoint(None, "head", "mixamorig:Head")
    64	        headjb = self.player.exposeJoint(None, "body", "mixamorig:Head")
    66	        self.player.attach('head','body','mixamorig:Head')
    68	        self.player.loop('run',partName='body')
    69	        self.player.loop('run',partName='head')


Any suggestions on how to fix this?

P.S: I forgot to mention that both the models are converted to .bam using blend2bam with the following flags: --textures embed --animations separate


Sorry to bother but I still have no clue on how to solve this. I have tried to translate the second model in blender on the Z axis but nothing changed…

This is rather a guess, but have you tried altering the “head” model’s armature such that it has its “head”-joint at its origin? (Resulting thus in the “head” and the “body” have different armatures, but still having in common the name of the bone associated with the “head”.)

Do you mean deleting all the bones except the head bone? If so, yes, I have already tried but it didn’t work :-/

Ok, I have found a solution:

(1) I did what you said(Leaving only the head joint in the head model)
(2) I deleted the animations in the head model
(3) I deleted the head bone in the body model
(4) I centered the head in world origin and adjusted the position a bit
(5) I attached the head on the neck bone
(6) I play the animations only on the body part

For me it works. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Ah, I’m glad that you got it working, and well done! And the help is my pleasure. :slight_smile: