Issue with Mixamo animation

I have been trying to import a model from mixamo with an animation into Panda3d but every time i run the animation the model becomes distorted and looks nightmarish. I have tried loading the model as a glb, gltf, obj and even bam file. The animation works well in blender but looks aweful when i use it in my game please i would like to know what I am doing wrong.

This is the model naturally when the animation doesn’t play:

This is what the animation does:

This is what the animation looks like in my game:

I am not very experienced with all this and I would really appreciate any help right now.

Oh and I just wanted to say that Panda3d is awesome, the manual was so helpful and the potential is astonishing, it’s really an amazing engine :laughing:

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I encountered something similar when I was making my animation exporter for blender. There, it was an issue of all parts of a model needing to have the same origin as the top-level bone of the skeleton.

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Hmm. How did you resolve your issue
This is a wireframe image of the model in blender:

Do I need to resize and adjust the skeleton (I’m not very good with blender sorry)

In blender, the origin of the skeleton should be the same as that of any mesh it displaces, since panda3d assumes that is the case.
In blender, the origin is represented by a little orange dot that appears whenever an object is selected.
If your problem is what I believe it to be, you should be able to fix this in object mode by selecting the skeleton, pressing shift+s, “cursor to selected”, and then selecting the geometry, and then from shift+s selecting “origin to 3d cursor”.
Please note this is off the top of my head, and I might have misremembered a step of the process.

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Are you using panda3d-gltf and is it version 1.0.1? This version was released last week with an important animation fix.

Currently I’m using the blend2bam tool for all my models and the panda version I’m using is Panda3D-1.10.13. I am just hearing of panda3d-gltf.

I tested blend2bam, a similar problem.

01:24:29 | WARNING: There are more than 4 joint vertex influences.The 4 with highest weight will be used (and normalized).

I get several such warnings, perhaps it is somehow related.

I’m not too sure but I don’t think the problem has something to do with blend2bam because even as a gltf file the animation still crashes I tried following this tutorial and I’m not too sure of what I’m doing wrong, I’m guessing it’s maybe due to an update in mixamo, blender or Panda3d.

If you consider that the viewer is built into Windows OS, displays the model in gltf format normally. Then it has something to do with panda.

A similar distortion can be achieved in a blender by simply scaling the mesh, then as LifeLand pointed out, there is some kind of scale dependence here.

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Apparently I’m not the first person with this problem and this appears to be the only solution I could find
I will keep trying to see if anything else works.

I tested YABEE from Maxwell175. This method also works, but the pbr pipeline is lost.

I have previously successfully used the format .x for animation, but over time there was instability in playback, I will need to check it again somehow.

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I will check this out thanks a lot😊

blend2bam depends on – and uses – panda3d-gltf. You can see which version you have with pip list. You can update the panda3d-gltf dependency with pip install -U panda3d-gltf.


The panda3d-gltf → 1.0.1 update fixes this issue. However, it looks like the newly installed blend2bam package does not capture the new version of panda3d-gltf during installation.

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Thank you all for your help I am very grateful the animation runs perfectly now thanks so much :grin: :grin: