Issue 2 was hard to write!

I’d love some feedback on this. The second issue of the little online magazine I’m doing. This issue was hard to write because the whole promise of the site is ‘short and snappy’…

…Explaining object oriented code to new programmers, while keeping it short, is real hard. Least it was for me! Hope it’s half way decent. :slight_smile:

…if anyone has suggestions for improvement or similar, I’m all ears!

Peace and vibes,

suggestion: dont offer .bam files for download. they are version-specific. use egg or egg.pz instead :slight_smile:

You could provide a zip file with all the project files, so a reader can download it, launch it, and be tempted to read the post (or you can embed the demo with the browser plugin). With the zip file the user also can experiment fastly.

As you pointed out, it’s a long post. I think you should make it “modular”; for example you could make Gimp and OOP posts separated, and for each article where you need to introduce them, you can link them. So, a user that already knows OOP (for example) could skip that part. Ok, however he actually can skip the OOP section, but having it in the same article make it heavier.

Good points, well made.

I added some pagination - the post is now split over 3 pages. I will also switch to egg downloads.


Nice articles. Can’t wait to see more :slight_smile: