Is there any plan ad editor like Godot or Unity3D in Panda3D?

My friends and me are going to make FPS game like Warsow. I think panda3d is a nice choice as it has better performance than Godot. the thing is that we want an engine with an editor like Godot. we can’t use Godot cause it has serious 3D limitations in terms of performance. So is there is any plan to add Editor for Panda3D?

I don’t know what official plans there may be, but I seem to recall that there has been at least one community-made editor-project (and perhaps others). I think that you may find them on the forums if you search around.

Otherwise, you may find that a modelling tool like Blender can be surprisingly useful as a level-editor. Perhaps not ideal, but functional, at least!

It is unlikely that an official editor will be made anytime soon since core engine resources are better spent elsewhere. However, as @Thaumaturge mentioned, there are some editor projects from the community, and one of them may work for you.