Is there any 3d fighting game code

I am more to a modeling kinda guy and I am new here. I am wondering is there any 3d fighting game example or project that going on ?. I would like to take a look at the source code.

Try Airblade. You can find it in the Software Downloads section at this website.

Try the Showcase section of the Panda forum.

thanks uh oh and what is alice 3d ? is that easier to use ? or do i need it to use it with panda 3d ? . I saw some alice model in the download section

In theory, you can use any 3D editor.

I would recommend using Blender, because its free and it has a great exporter, Chicken, and also because most people here use it :slight_smile: .
But other programs like Maya and 3DSMAX etc. will work fine. You name a program, and there’s probably a way to export it to .egg, the Panda3D format.