Is there a way to move thing more smoothly?

hello~,now what I know is:

class Move(DirectObject.DirectObject):
    def __init__(self):
        self.accept('arrow_up', self.forward)
        self.accept('arrow_up-repeat', self.forward)
    def forward(self):
        pandaActor.setY(pandaActor.getY() + 10)
h = Move()

But the thing like “jump” to the position in next frame.
Is there a build-in way to move things more smoothly, or “slide” thing to another position?
I read some example looks like what I want, but they looks like using some “Task” or “interval” way.

Any suggestion? Thanks!

You want that Task thing actually, you will not get really far not using tasks. Intervals are more of a automated movement style.

You may want to look into the roaming ralph example to find what you need.

Ok, I will try it, thanks.

Also you need to make the move based on time .
(like pandaActor.setY(pandaActor.getY() + 0.1*dt)
Else if you have variable framerate or choke point, your move will be jerky.