is there a top left to a DirectLabel?

hello, i am using a DirectLabels inside of a DirectScrolledList for the chat area in a multiplayer game. when i use the keyword itemFrame_pos it sets the pos for the center of the DirectLabel but since the chat area is on the bottom left side of the screen I need to align the left side to the edge of the screen. any thoughts?

Use align=TextNode.ALeft and parent=base.a2dLeftCenter .

hmm, which one do i change the parent of? when i change the parent for either one I cant see what ever i just changed the parent of, and how do i use the align=TextNode.ALeft?

can any one help clarify this?

They are keyword arguments, so you pass them to DirectGui constructor.

well TextNode isnt what i pass because it gives me an error, and when i parent the DirectScrolledList to base.a2dLeftCenter i cant see it

Try this :
DirectFrame(parent=base.a2dBottomLeft, frameSize=(0,.4,0,.2), pos=(.02,0,.02))

what im trying to do is when i put a DirectLabel as an item in the scrolled list i want the left side to be aligned with the left side of the scrolled list. right now when i add an item the pos that is set is the center of the label, this causes half the label to be cut off

The keyword for DSL is itemsAlign, not text_align.
But if you use non-string items, use text_align in your DirectLabel constructor.