Is there a global way to control shininess of all materials? (Solved)

So I,m testing the toon shader from the shader example for my game to make the graphics look nicer, and I was wondering if there is a way to reduce the reflectiveness of the light off the model using panda3d by altering a attribute in the light?

I did some research on this board and found that changing the shininess of the material will do the trick, but I,m wondering if there is a easier way to do this rather reworking each model used. sorry for the frequent comeback for help, and I would be grateful for anyone’s help.

Update: so just altered one model for testing and shininess does not effect the powerful reflection I got (it made it worse where the character was almost entirely white),

So reading up on some threads here led me to turn down my light and it seem to work but my model’s look sort of metallic. I guess it is something I can settle on, so for completion’s sake, I’ll consider this topic solved.