is there a global node parametar?

i am working with LODNodes alot and wondering is there is some global lod parameter that i can set based on frame rate? Because right now i have to manually find and change all the lod nodes so i revert to setting lods at start time but it would be nice to increase lod when things get rough on the screen!

No, we don’t have such a parameter, though it’s been on the list for a while.

Note, though, that attempting to implement demand-based LOD visibility comes along with lots of problems. One is that there are lots of things that can cause a low frame rate, and scaling back the LOD’s might or might not improve the frame rate in any given situation.


yes so maybe lod should be set at start time by the user then

At game start, you could render a medium weight scene offscreen, get the delta time (globalClock.getDt) for that frame, and set the LOD based on that, compared to your target.


i think that will be to error prone, best to just have a slider some place for Level Of detail.