Is Pand3D capable of Doing This?

Have you ever played a game where you were moving with the main Character and all of a sudden the game goes directly into a real-time CG look? That’s because a Movie file started playing but it was blended in with the game play; even when the movie stops playing, it looks like the game has changed from a CG version back to the normal game play version.

Can Pand3D play and end Movie files seamlessly in that way? Such an effect can greatly enhance the overall visual effect of any game.

What I want to do is simply be able to play and end movie files on the fly without “hick-ups” or load times, creating a completely smooth transaction between the two.

I haven’t gotten into playing movies yet with my Project, so I’m asking in advance so I don’t get my hopes up if this can not be done.

Sorry if this isn’t clear…kind of hard to explain. You can see this effect executed well in the old game Final Fantasy 7 (ps1).

technically panda is totally capable of doing this.
the question is: can you set it up correctly?

as for movie control, i used panda to play full screen sized movies. even switching between movies is no real problem

So I assume, based on your answer, there is smooth transaction between game play and movie playing; that is, there’s no “hick-ups” or load times…just instant play.

If that’s the case, then I’ll set it up correctly, that part won’t be an issue. Can’t wait until I get that far in my project…that should be a load of fun. Of course doing the CGs will be WORK!!!

well, of course nothing is instant. if your disw and cpu are busy already you probably will notice a small lag upon loading the movie. but in most cases that’s not noticeable unless you do something really wrong.

as always, you can yo it with panda, but you can also break it. its up to you.

I think that that effect is not the transaction from a movie to real time play. But it is the game itself being animated in real time and not giving the player control over the characters and animations.

After the movie/animation ends the game gives the player the control over its characters and the game begins.

This is the easiest way I can think of to sync. the movie and the game and make the transactions smoother.