Is Mouse Relative Mode on Windows still an issue?

Hi all,

I have done some searches on the forum, and the MRelative mode on Windows has been an issue for quite a long time. I also saw this issue has been opened and then closed by rdb: Support relative mouse mode on Windows · Issue #928 · panda3d/panda3d · GitHub

Does this mean that this is not an issue anymore?

I am asking this question because I don’t have a Windows machine to test my codes currently, but one of my friends reported that his mouse cursor cannot fully move the camera (in a 3rd person game) properly, so I am now trying to address the problem.

Thank you so much for your answer.


To maintain relative mode in the Windows you need to build Panda3D from sources from the master branch.

Thank you for your answer. I will confirm with my friend which version of Panda he is using.

But I have another related question:

I just realized that whatever mouse mode I am using, the actual mouse pointer will not recenter even if I use,
                     props.getXSize() // 2,
                     props.getYSize() // 2)

The pointer is still on its previous position. I tested on the Panda samples mouse-modes program. This symptom is on Gnome X Window, Gnome Wayland, and probably Windows. Is it normal?

Sorry my bad, disregard about my second question. I actually found this Mouse control in Wayland · Issue #746 · panda3d/panda3d · GitHub

And I realized that on Wayland, the actual mouse pointer will not be moved by the , but in X Window it works fine.

If I understand correctly, in the most current master branch, the relative mode should just work for those shooting games, no matter Windows, X Window, or Wayland. They should all just simply work. Is it right?


I went ahead and compiled my Arena FPS demo (which utilizes relative mouse mode) and tested it on Windows 7. Relative mouse mode, or whatever fallbacks are in place, seem to be working great on Windows. The mouse control is smooth and as far as I can tell, identical to Ubuntu 20 there.

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