Is it possible

Is it possible to make a final fantay simalay loking game with panda. :question:
And i was wondering is there any books for learning panda. :question:

yes, no.

Its not desirable to make FF looking game because they will sue you. Its very hard to make a good game. See Thomas i think he was working on a FF game.

No books sorry. Learn panda3d and write one.

I suspect that that depends on what’s meant by “FF looking game” in this situation. If we were discussing using Cloud Strife, or places from Final Fantasy, etc., then indeed, I think that there would probably be a potential copyright problem.

However, unless they’ve gone out of their way, which I doubt, it seems very unlikely that their copyrights cover games that are similar to Final Fantasy. A game made in a similar style - but using settings, characters, notable items, etc. that are not taken from Final Fantasy - should, I think, be fine.

Copyright does not cover “look and feel”.

Unless you blatantly copy their characters, it’s unlikely you’ll have problems.

Even then, copyright is usually used as a deterrent, and rarely exercised as a right. Lawsuits are lengthy and costly. A huge company like SquareEnix suing an indie developer will gain them no benefit, at huge costs… in both resources and PR.

someone mentioned my name?
well it is perfectly possible to make a game like FinalFantasy.
i worked on a multiplayer game which was a continuation of the FF8 story.
went quite well until i lost intrest in it soon after the first technical demo was completed which had working networking,collisions,animation,chatsystem etc.
only thing left are a few screenshots, models and roughly 1.5k lines of code

if you like you can have a look at it. beware it’s all work in (noncontinued)progres.