Is AmbientLight really a light?

The game we are porting allows to create lights in the game’s script, by allowing to set it’s position (but not rotation, so it’s probably “PointLight” in Panda), and diffuse, ambient and specular colors. I’m guessing I can set the diffuse color with light.setColor() and specular color with light.setSpecularColor(). But Panda’s PointLights don’t have a setAmbientColor(). There are AmbientLights though. So are AmbientLights really “lights” in the low level, or are they just the ambient color value of a “blank” light?
I guess I could create a pair of (pointlight, ambientlight) lights when the user creates a light in the game’s script and change the ambient light’s color when the player chooses to change the light’s “ambient color”. I don’t know if this all will make sense since I think you can have only one AmbientLight affecting a single node.

Or am I wrong and ambient color can be something else? What are your guesses?

It sounds like you can just create a pair of (pointlight, ambientlight), for your purpose.

I’m pretty sure it’s fine to have multiple AmbientLights per node. The colour values of all the ambient lights are added up and multiplied by the material’s ambient colour when the geometry is being rendered.