Irritating HeightfieldTesselator...


I’m using the HeightfieldTesselator.
Is there any way to prevent this message from popping up every frame:

Terrain mesh is x triangles.

It’s pretty annoying… :confused:

I’m afraid there is no way to suppress this message. If you can re-compile Panda3D just comment the line in file “…/panda/src/grutil/heightfieldTesselator.cxx”.

//     Function: HeightfieldTesselator::generate
//       Access: Published
//  Description: Generates a tree of nodes that represents the
//               heightfield.  This can be reparented into the scene.
NodePath HeightfieldTesselator::
generate() {


  cerr << "Terrain mesh is " << total << " triangles.\n";
  for (int y=0; y<ycells; y++) {
    for (int x=0; x<xcells; x++) {


  return root;

Thanks, enn0x.
Maybe something for the next version of Panda3D, an option to turn that message off?