Invisible model with Sketchup, dae2egg

Noob questions here, but I am trying to get started with importing basic models so I can get started with some code for a project.

I am not much of a programmer yet, but am even less of a modeler, so I have chosen Sketchup for exporting.

But when I convert the model and put it ingame, and add lighting to it in the script, it is either grey or invisible (I can’t tell because the colors are the same). I did add lighting to it though. The texture path was relative, so I can’t see that being it.

Here’s the “car” (it’s just a box for now) .egg:

It’s Google’s fault.
Sketchup’s .dae exporter inverts the transparency of an object.
So the easiest thing to do is to remove these lines in the .egg file:

      <Scalar> blend { add }
      <Scalar> blendop-a { zero }
      <Scalar> blendop-b { one }
      <Scalar> blendr { 0 }
      <Scalar> blendg { 0 }
      <Scalar> blendb { 0 }
      <Scalar> blenda { 0 }

I might add a -sketchup or -invert-transparency flag which corrects this.

That seems to have done the trick, thanks. And yes, a -sketchup (or even just -s for quickness) would be a great addition.