invalid syntax

I am a new user of Panda3D. After I make my Panda3d work correctly, I write down the following codes:

from ShowBaseGlobal import *

#Loads the Environmental Model
environ = loader.loadModel(‘models/Environment’)

#Reparent the model to the Renderer to make it visible


However, it shows “invalid syntax” of line 4(environ = loader.loadModel(‘models/Environment’)), could someone tell me why?

Are you new to Python in general, as well as to Panda3D? This looks like a general problem with using Python.

Are you sure you’ve using actual quote marks, ASCII character 39? Some overly smart Microsoft editors may try to put in “smart quotes” instead of real quote marks. You might try typing the same commands directly at the Python prompt to ensure you are seeing what you think you’re seeing.