Intervals and Input

I am trying to make a very simple space sim. I don’t want to use physics yet, as I am still experimenting with Panda3d.
The controls for my ship are w/s = rotate up/down, a/d = rotate left/right (around the y axis), up arrow/down arrow = speed up/down
It seems to me that the best way to simulate a delay in a change in direction (for up down rotation), would be to make an interval that rotates the ship, but that smoothly fades in and out. Is it possible to set the duration of an interval to a conditional?

Also if someone knows a better way of doing this, please tell me. I’m relatively new to game programming, and I want to learn,


Intervals aren’t meant to be modified once started.
Use Tasks instead. They’re like Intervals, but much more flexible.
Also see the asteroids sample, as it might do something similar to what you want.

I’d recommend that you bite the bullet and use Panda’s physics engine. It’s pretty easy to apply linear forces and torques, and you won’t have to implement the details yourself.

If you insist on avoiding the physics engine, you could use a task that runs every frame, checks whether the rotation keys are pressed, and rotates the ship a little bit in the appropriate direction.