Interval PtA to PtB: Stay at PtB? Help

Hello all,

I am trying to use a lerp interval to move the camera from point A to point B and remain at point B after the interval is stopped.

The camera seems to “snap back” to the startPos after the interval is finished.

Is there an easy way to make the camera position stay at point B?

Essentially, I am just trying to zoom into an area of my scene and wait there for some user input.

Code I am using is pretty much a copy/paste from the manual:

i = LerpPosInterval(self.model, 5, pos = Point3(-5, 100, -20), startPos = None, other = None, blendType = 'easeInOut', bakeInStart = 1, fluid = 0, name = None)

I think your camera may still be under the control of Panda3D’s default camera driver, which does indeed seem to reset the camera position like this.

Have you made a call to

base.disableMouse( )

to disable the default camera driver?

I do disable the mouse.

The behavior is very odd.

pseudo code1



enableMouse() ---- snaps back to original position

pseudo code2


LerpPosInterval(…) ---- so far, so good

LerpPosInterval(…) ---- to move to yet another position - does not move

Very wierd - it almost seems as if the LerpInterval relies on the mouse stuff for its movement

But… I’m sure that I am just not understanding something!

Well, I feel silly…

The lerpInterval works just fine (disable mouse) but apparently I DON’T.

Dumb programmer error was the problem.

I’ll tell what I did but only if someone asks…

I mean … duh!!!