Interrogate: PointerTo<> and Py_None

I’m updating my C++ code to use PointerTo<> to track references of objects, but I hit an unexpected issue when integrating it with my Python code.

When passing a vanilla pointer, it seems that generated wrapper automatically converts Py_None to nullptr. On the other hand if I switch to PointerTo<> the wrapping code raises an error as it can not convert Py_None to the base class referenced in PointerTo<> . Is there a way to indicate to interrogate that Py_None should be allowed (and mapped to nullptr ?).

Actually the solution is trivial, I just need to use a plain pointer, which support nullptr. Interrogate detects that the type of the object pointed to is deriving from ReferenceCount and creates automatically a PointerTo<> instance used in the wrapping code.