Interrogate does not publish PMaps or PVectors..?


I’ve tried literally everything. And no matter what i do. The values (Map or Vectors) don’t publish and aren’t visible or accessible in Python at all. Any suggestions?


Normally, types are only exported if they have methods marked “PUBLISHED”. This is not the case for pvector and pmap. Templates need to be explicitly instantiated, too.

To force a type to be instantiated even without this, create a .N file in which you use “forcetype” to force the type to be wrapped. See the forcetype instructions in the .N files strewn about the Panda source.


Oh thanks! I’ll be sure to look into that.

EDIT: It seems any instructions are long gone from what i see. Searched the entire repo and none are around…


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Here’s an example: … mathutil.N


From the looks of it. forcetype is used to publish a classes as PointerTo is also a class in the Panda3D engine i’m sure of… But thanks anyways i changed what i was doing to a get and set function. But it’d still be nice to figure it out for the possible future.


I finally understand what you meant by ‘force a type to be instantiated’ after all this time due to the big jump of experience I’ve had since then. Well thanks for the help. Good to know you have to instantiate them explicitly.

Thanks for the help. :laughing: