Interpret Panda3D with Pre-existing Python Install (pydev)

I already have Python 2.7.3 installed. I install Panda 1.8. It uses its own Python installation.

Of course, I can run Panda 1.8 fine. But now I want to interoperate Panda3d with other modules - pylab, numpy, etc.

Those modules are installed on my pre-existing python 2.7.3 installation. I understand I could just reinstall everything into the Panda python directory… But do I have to?

How can I run Panda3d using my pre-existing python 2.7.3 such that I can use the same interpreter for all of my modules? I am using eclipse+pydev and if I use the Panda interpreter I am not able to import my other modules.

You can create a panda3d.pth file in your other Python installation’s site-packages directory that contains the paths to the Panda3D directories (C:\panda3d-1.8.0 and c:\panda3d-1.8.0\bin). There are plenty of threads on the forum that explain how to do this.

Excellent! clcheung’s response in the following post worked perfectly!

[How to make a .pth file?)

On a side note, sorry to add to the noise floor of this topic. There are many posts that say to setup pydev with the Panda3D installed-version-of-python interpreter. I do not understand why this is recommended versus the solution you gave!