Integrating PyImgui to Panda3D


I’d like to integrate pyimgui to Panda3D.
They have integrations for opengl, pyglet, pygame so I think it shouldn’t be too much work to make it properly work with Panda as it also uses OpenGL.

Any idea on how I could render Pyimgui inside a Panda3D window ?
There is this example for an integration with opengl and one for pyglet.

Also, do you think the performances will be good using this library with Panda (no drastic reduction of the frame rate) ?

Thanks a lot.

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In such cases, the idea is as always simple, to visualize the interface into an image and bring it to the screen with the help of geometry, where the texture will be the resulting image applied on a quad.

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I showed a way of doing this here: Direct GUI workflow - #3 by Simulan

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If PyImgui creates a window and controls input, then it would be better to integrate Panda3D content with it. The proposed Simulan method looks strange, which is like a window within a window.

Search the forums for “draw callbacks”. They can probably be used to make pyimgui work.