Integrating Panda and Pygame

IPKnightly posted a very helpful tutorial on Panda/Pygame integration, but it was only intended as a workaround for sound implementation. … ith_PyOgre

I was wondering if there was anything similar to that. I’d like Pygame and Panda to be able to draw to the same window. Any idea’s on how to accomplish this? Is it even possible?

I was planning on using Pygame for three things:

  • Sound
  • GUI
  • Cursor support

Sound, we all know, is easily doable. As far as the GUI is concerned, I really have not looked into Panda’s DirectGUI, so I may go either way on that one. However, cursor support is what I really wanted.

In the game I’m developing, I’d like a dynamic cursor. Meaning, I want the cursor to change when you hover over certain objects (such as to a sword when you hover over an enemy, or a hand when you hover over an item that you can pick up).

As far as I know, Panda only supports changing the cursor in the Config.prc file. A static cursor that, once set, can’t be changed.

Okay, I get it. Thanks!

I’ll work on a class to do exactly this, and post it here when I’m done.

It’s not true, read –[THIS]–