Integrate Psyco(JIT acceleration module) into Panda3d?

Do you want psyco integrated in Panda3d?

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I am just too lazy to write the needed code everytime. Are you devs going to integrate it?

there is no real need for psyco. the engine itself is already c/c++ which is faster than any psyco generated jit-compiled code.
aside from that it’s really easy to use psyco. integrating it wont make it any easier to use.
aside from that usiny psyco in panda rarely… and i mean VERY rarely solves your problems since python itself is not the bottleneck itself in most cases. if you really need speed for a certain function you would write a small extension in c/c++.

ps: lazyness is no excuse to demand the workforce of others to solve your problems :wink:

ThomasEgi is right - and Panda already ships with tons of performance monitoring and profiling utilities which make it possible to track down bottlenecks easily and rapidly.

Try some benchmarks. Psyco did really speed up the rendering in samples like Fireflies and etc.

i highly doubt. show us proof: pstat outputs, a small sample we can run ourself an compare performances against each other.

psyco only speeds up python code(especially math-heavy long algorithms). since the firefly demo itself makes almost no use of python there is almost nothing to opimize. if you experience performance gains you should make sure they are not originating from somewhere else.

try my proof:
1.install psyco in your Panda3D

2.edit the Firefly sample so it will show you FPS like in 1.5.4’s firfly sample

3.Open it up.

4.Scale the Firefly count to 1000+

5.Write down the FPS you see.

6.Edit the sample again-add this:

import psyco

7.Repeat 3., 4. and 5.


9.Post here.

Is that what did you want?

I have just checked it. Same performance in both cases (around 130 fps on my laptop).
Psyco can improve performance only when you do a lot of math or other calculations in Python. Otherwise, you just execute few Python commands, and the rest of job is done by Panda’s core in C++.

i could say “i could’ve told ya” … i should say " i did tell you".
unfortunately i cant test it myself right now since the firefly samples are a bit broken till now (its fixed in the cvs but i dont feel like compiling just due to this).

since psyco is not the thing increasing your performance… it would be intresting to know what actually DID increase it. can you provide your own testing results including pstat output?

No, sorry. I can not:
1.)I have no time.
2.)I’ve just proven myself to be wrong, sorry.

Here’s a social interaction tip: please double-check that you are right before you start arrogantly asserting that you are, and forcing others to go out of their way for you.


Refer to thomas’ first post above. If you don’t have time/are too lazy to do basic fact-checking, then why do you expect anyone else to help you? Is it because you believe your time is more valuable than anyone else’s?

ADDITION: I just noticed your sig. lol

Not really sure how far that will take you in programming/game creation, but I do have a helpful suggestion - If you do take time to work out and modify or create a piece of code you may use time and time again, save it and call it into future scripts using one of many available techniques, instead of typing it out time and time again.

please stop picking at each other.its not really helping anyone. issue was solved, advices are already given.
may i ask the moderator to close this thread?thx in advance.

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