Installing pyxml into panda3d python

Is it possible to install this package by hand or the free 4suite package and how can we do this? I have an installer but it doesn’t recognize the python dir inside panda.

I suggest you have the following situation

  • Windows
  • Only binary installer available for your preferred XML package
  • Python 2.4 is also installed (besides the Python that comes with Panda3D)

One way is to install the XML packages in your normal Python 2.4 site-packages, and then copy the new files and subdirectories by hand to your Panda3D site-packages.

Another way would be to leave the XML packages where it is, and create a path-file (.pth) in Panda3D-1.3.2/python, pointing to wherever your XML packages is installed.

This is what I do to use all packages from my normal Python installation, e.g. libxml2 or lxml. In my case the path file looks like this:


Panda3D istalled in: C:\Programme\Panda3D-1.3.2
Python 2.4 site-packages: C:\Programme\Python\Lib\site-packages


Thanks, I think i’m going to use the path trick also.