Installing on windows 10

Hi all

I tried installing runtime 1.0.4 on windows 10 - 64bit laptop.
However when I run it, a command window with a lot of text flicks across the screen, and then dissappears. Nothing more happens ?

The runtime is only 2-3 mb ?

I also noted that the installation didnt put a link in the start menu. I had to go into the installation folder to start it ?
Also there is very little installed in the folder. That asteroids program, along with all the other sample programs is not there.

I tried installing the sdk also, but that made no difference when running the runtime, a short flick of command window … and dissappear.

What am I doing wrong ?

Regards Jan

I think you wish to install the SDK. The Runtime is not useful on its own and cannot be used to develop Panda3D applications.

Can you successfully run the sample programs? Have you tried following the Hello World tutorial in the Panda3D manual?

I think you are right.
Thx for info and fast reply.
Will try as you say

Yup, I can run the demo programs, like asteroids etc.
Started the tutorial.


Only my start menu looks quite odd ? :

Agh, this is because Windows 10’s start menu completely ignores the folder structure that previous Windows versions did respect in start menu entries. We’ll see if something can be done about that.