Installing external GUI Library

Hi everyone,

I’m a junior programmer and I only experienced SFML, Unity and UE4 so I’m not very used to build the engine myself or to installing a third party library on top of another. I discovered Panda3D like 3 or 4 months ago and I dug up a little bit then so I understand the basics.

I’ve been trying to install an external C++ GUI library over Panda3D for 2 days straight but I can’t figure out how to do it even by reading the posts here.

I would like to install Nuklear or another GUI library capable of using image assets and that doesn’t use HTML/CSS.

Does someone know how to do so and could explain to me?
Sorry about my misknowledge.

Thanks a lot.

Integrating Nuklear into Panda would be fairly straight-forward, but certainly not trivial. It’s something that’s been on my todo list, and you’d basically need to write a file like this one that uses Panda constructs instead of SDL and OpenGL (probably still use GLSL shaders). I was not a fan of what I saw from either of the Python bindings, so this would probably be best done in C++ with Python bindings generated by Panda’s interrogate tool.

However, as I said, that’s not trivial. You can look into Kivy and panda3d-kivy to see if that suites your needs. Another option (although, not as well maintained at this point) is LUI, which was built specifically for Panda. In case you aren’t aware, Panda also has a builtin GUI library called DirectGUI. It’s Python-only and pretty funky to use, but being builtin is nice.

Thanks for you answer. The problem is that I only use C++, I don’t use Python. Would it be a problem to make some UI? Is Kivy only made to be used with Python?

As far as I know yes. But @Cheaterman would be in a better position to answer.