Installer Linux Mint 17/(Ubuntu 14.04) 32 bit

Hi, everyone.
I’m new to this engine. And in 1 day i saw some good potential in it :slight_smile:.
Its not too big and slow to run on older hardware and offers good tools, i tried to use jmonkeyengine, but it seems to be too slow as based on java.
Anyway this engine seems be much better and faster, even if uses python ad C++.

But the main purpose of this post is:
[size=150]On panda3d download page, there are installers for linux that doesnt work anymore on linux mint 17 or ubuntu 14.04.
So, i compiled a 32 bit version for those distributions, and i would like that you add it to panda page :slight_smile:[/size]

Here is the link:

The buildbot download page now contains updated installers for Ubuntu 14.04: … =devel&sdk