Installed on Gutsy file on desktop how do i run the program?

I’m really new to using Gutsy. The installation of Panda3d went fine (hard to mes that up clicked to open in and package automatically installed itself). However, now I have the folder extracted on my desktop, I open it up and for the life of me I can’t figure out what I need to change to get the program to actually run (i.e. click on icon and have the program come up so I can use it.)

Panda3D is a tool for programmers. You really do have to be a programmer to use it. If you haven’t taken a programming class, you won’t get far.

So Panda3D itself isn’t a program. It’s a library of subroutines. However, you can run the sample programs:

% cd /usr/share/panda3d/samples/Boxing-Robots
% python

If your terribly new to programming but still want to get Panda3d a try, then I recommend this:

I have not gone through it to verify its content, but you can always come to our online IRC chanel for help if you get stuck:

find us at : , on channel #panda3d

If IRC isnt something your comfy with, there is always online forums for python:

Either way this should help you get on down the road :slight_smile: