Installation, path, etc. for non-IT expert

I installed per the instructions.
When trying to run a sample, a window just blinks.
I checked for data on what to do and have not been able to find it.
I need really simple instructions on how to implement a solution or at least troubleshoot.

Sorry. Didn’t provide enough info.
Windows XP, SP2. Running on a 3 GHz PC with 1 GB RAM.
Used Python that came with Windows installer.

Are you running from the command line, as described in the manual page Installing Panda in Windows? When you run from the command line you can see the output from Panda, which is invaluable in understanding any problem.


I installed on three PCs and here is what I found.
I can run Panda3d when going through the process of Start - Programs - Panda3d 1.5.3 - Sample Programs - and then pick the sample program.

However, when I used the manual to find “User Contributed Tutorials and Examples” and selected the Bouncing Box example, it did not work. It looked like an older program that may need updating. Just a guess. I checked a command line run of it and noticed that it could not find certain files or folders.

So, I’ll stay with the examples on the Start - Programs -…process.