Installation issues in ubuntu 16.10

Unable to install in Ubuntu 16.10

After some searching I was able to add the key for panda3d, but now the key is too weak:

W: … /InRelease: Signature by key 636137A857204FCDB24BCC41E25E709187828F5B uses weak digest algorithm (SHA1)

From what I read now sha256 or sha512 is required…

Page for installs is severely lacking, only provides the line to add to sources.list
Had to google a bit in order to find any keys to install

I think I’ve resolved the problem. I’ve generated a new repository signing key with SHA-256 signature.

This command can be used to get the appropriate signing key:

sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys E375BC9D

Sorry about the docs being silent about this. We’ve only recently begun experimenting with repository signing.