install panda on suse10

i try to install panda on opensuse10 but i hat no chance

how can help me ?


gerhard rogen

Can you tell us more precisely what kind of trouble you are having?


I am going to install SUSE 10 over the weekend. It will probably be better to compile from source for this as Im using an Athlon64.

Ill let you know how I get on.

tell me
if it works


gerhard rogen

The DVD iso file I downloaded was corrupt :frowning:
I have to re-download now which is slow :frowning:
Hopefully Ill get to have a go tomorrow.

Sorry for not getting back to you rogan. Im having a real big job in getting the SUSE box to recognise a wireless card which means I cant connect it to my network. Not fun :frowning:

As soon as I get a few mins spare, Ill stick the panda source on it and have a go.

Well I got around to transfering panda 1.0 to the SUSE box. The short answer is you cant compile the current release of panda on it as SUSE10 has gcc 4+. You get the same problems as in the other thread about FC4, I managed to solve a couple of problems during the installation but its really not worth it as David has said that panda3d 1.1 should install when its released :wink:

Im gonna have a go at installing the cvs version and see how far I get with that :slight_smile:

Have fun!

thank you for testing .

wenn to you think panda1.1 coms ?