Install Faliure 1.7.2


I am new to Panda3D. Earlier today I decided to download 1.7.2. I opened the manual on the site and begin to follow it’s instructions. Only a couple pages into it, I came across a problem. In order to run Panda3D, I am supposed to use Command Prompt to find the C:\Panda3D-1.7.2\mystuff directory. An error appeared. I went to the directory to discover that “mystuff” didn’t come with the download. I searched my machine to try to find this folder (Assuming that the installer installed it in the wrong directory) and failed. I decided to create an empty folder named “mystuff” to see if it was really a required folder. Of course, the next step was to type in “ppython”, which doesn’t exist on my computer. I tried re-installing Panda3D and nothing really changed. I then turned my attention to a program that was already installed on my computer - Python 2.7. I didn’t find the file, but I began to wonder if that was causing the issue. I uninstalled Python 2.7 and retried Panda3D, but again it failed. I want to ask you guys if you know where the .py went, or it the manual is a fraud. Do you know the solution to my problem?


There is no “mystuff” directory as part of a regular install of Panda3D, so this must be either something that was left in the manual by mistake, or shown as an example of where you could create/place your own script files.
Feel free to move on to the “Hello World” section of the manual.

That manual page is misleading and uses practices that aren’t recommended. Feel free to skip it. It should probably be removed, since developers interested in Panda3D will already know how to run Python programs.