install chicken_export

chicken is not working:

  • i copied “” to my blender.blender\scripts directory
    -i can start it on blender by clicking: file>export>chicken r91

but then i see only 3 grey areas:

clicking on it doesn’t work/change anything!?

-> what have i done wrong?/how can i start chicken export? thx

Only? And the bpymodules and bpydata folders?

it’s recommended to read the readme file which comes with the chicken download. it contains detailed installation instructions.

there is only 1 file ( additional to chicken_install.txt? waht do you mean with “bpymodules” and “bpydata folders”?
/is this the right download: … p/download

Yes, it’s the right file. Inside it you find the folders cited (bpymodules, bpydata).

???hm, i can see only two files in this zip???

LOL! Can you try to open it with 7zip? On my machine it works.

intresting enough the window title reads “20 files , 0 Directories.”
looks like microsoft just caused you another headace for no reason.

changed to another zip-prog :confused:
-> now it seems to work, thx :slight_smile:

Here is a vid on youtube, Subscribe!!!