Initial program fails to open window

Thought I’d try Panda3D with C++ - but failing at the first hurdle

SDK installed to C:\dev\Panda3D-1.10.11-x64
Using VS 2022
I Set the include and lib folders and path as per Running your Program — Panda3D Manual
Then copied Starting Panda3D — Panda3D Manual in

When I try to run it:

Exception thrown at 0x00007FFE9CE34F69 in HelloPanda.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: winrt::hresult_error at memory location 

Console output:

Known pipe types:
(all display modules loaded.)

Trying to use openGL I guess?

Call Stack

| |KernelBase.dll!00007ffe9ce34f69()|Unknown|
| |ucrtbase.dll!00007ffe9d1ada1d()|Unknown|
| |coloradapterclient.dll!00007ffe92673112()|Unknown|
| |coloradapterclient.dll!00007ffe92673a7b()|Unknown|
| |coloradapterclient.dll!00007ffe92674c80()|Unknown|
| |mscms.dll!00007ffe926c7374()|Unknown|
| |mscms.dll!00007ffe926c74fe()|Unknown|
| |gdi32full.dll!00007ffe9d2c2b75()|Unknown|
| |libpandagl.dll!00007ffdddb794df()|Unknown|
| |libpandagl.dll!00007ffdddb7d344()|Unknown|
| |libpanda.dll!00007ffddcae75bb()|Unknown|
| |libp3windisplay.dll!00007ffe56a6e04c()|Unknown|
| |libpanda.dll!00007ffddcae6836()|Unknown|
| |libp3windisplay.dll!00007ffe56a6d6ed()|Unknown|
| |libpanda.dll!00007ffddcac9244()|Unknown|
| |libpanda.dll!00007ffddcad2617()|Unknown|
| |libpanda.dll!00007ffddcad12d4()|Unknown|
| |libp3framework.dll!00007ffdf412427d()|Unknown|
| |libp3framework.dll!00007ffdf4123cc2()|Unknown|
| |libp3framework.dll!00007ffdf4123ee1()|Unknown|
| |libp3framework.dll!00007ffdf4123fa3()|Unknown|
|>|HelloPanda.exe!main(int argc, char * * argv) Line 16|C++|
| |[External Code]||

And it’s using Release x64. My C++ is rusty so not sure where to go from there (And I didn’t install the python stuff as I thought i’d be OK!)

Do the .dll files actually exist? Might be good info to help trouble shoot.

Hi, welcome to the community!

A common issue is not setting the preprocessor flags properly. You should have neither NDEBUG nor _DEBUG added to your preprocessor definitions. Please verify this, because NDEBUG is added by default to Release configurations.

If you downloaded the .pdb files from the website, you would also get more detailed call stacks, which would help with tracking down the precise location of the problem.

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Hi, welcome to the community!


Doh! I read that (NDEBUG) and forgot to actually do it. I didn’t know the PDB files were available- have found the link but it seems to download the tools again. I’m tempted to build myself a proper debug from source anyway but wanted a quick start

Do the .dll files actually exist? Might be good info to help trouble shoot.

They’re in the call stack so they must be loaded

sorry boss. Just guessin. Figured the debug message said it couldn’t find a function at some address. rdb is the pro and looks like he got it sorted for you. gl hf.