Initial loading is slow

When a script is run the first time the loading is very slow. I understand that a cache is made so that the next time the loading is much faster, and it is.

How can i distribute the cache when I distribute my program so that the user won’t think the application has crashed?

assuming the slow part for you is loading “.egg” files. usualy you ship your game with .bam files instead of egg ones. since bam files load a !LOT! faster than egg files. you wont really need a cache to grep stuff from

egg’s are good for development. they are human readable and compatible across panda versions. bam files are not garantueed to be compatible across panda version but they are smaller and load a lot faster.

All common packaging tools panda gives you are converting eggs to bams.
What also needs quite long is loading textures and caching those is not that effective. If you have a few megapixels of images, don’t wonder it takes a few seconds to load them all.