Information regarding the engine.

Hello Guys,
I am new to development in the Panda 3D Game Engine. I would like to know some information regarding the engine. Here are my questions:

  1. What polycount does the engine support for different characters, environments and other Game Assets?

  2. Can I get any links to websites who have good tutorials for making games on this engine?

  3. How good is this engine for making games? Can I have any links to the games mad eon this engine…

Thanks and looking forward to your reply.

Silent Assassin.

That depends. The more polygons you add, the less framerate you have left for other things. The more polygons, the slower the game will be.
Though, keep the number of meshes (geomnodes) as low as possible. You can check how much meshes are supported by your graphics card using this function:

I don’t know. Someone else might answer this question better.

It’s pretty good, you can make any game with Panda3D.
Disney’s Toontown online and Pirates of the Carribean online were at least made with Panda3D:

Er, note that the value returned by has nothing to do with the number of meshes you can render. This method returns a bitmask, whose various bits represent the various types of geom primitives that the GSG can render natively. This is a very low-level method, and is used internally by Panda to optimize the scene for a particular GSG; there is usually no reason to call it from Python; and for most purposes, the number it returns is meaningless to the application programmer.