[IndieGameModels] WWII Weapons Pack 20 animated FPS weapons

Hello everyone,

A new pack have been released at Indie Game Models

World War II Weapons Pack

he World War II Weapons Pack Pro contains 20 realistic high quality low poly with high resolution textures weapons models, animated wit h the arms for 1st person shooter.

With this pack, you will have all the weapons you need to make your WWII game!

Textures are up to 2048*2048.

Weapons + arms polycount are between 6500 and 8500 tris depending on the models.

Here you can see a video showing 7 of the weapons models:

Here you can see a video showing the models

First week discount: You can now purchase the WWII Weapons pack for 29.90 EUR only instead of 44.90 EUR

Get it at: WWII Ultimate Pack

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