indentation error...

Hello, iam new to panda3D engine ant python language. Iam trying to edit roaming ralph script, i want make it that i can move with w a s d keys. My full code is: The problem is i got error:

Line is:


How to fix it?

Welcome to the forums! You have to align line 170 with line 168, if you look at pastebin you’ll see that these are misaligned.

Thanks, it works :slight_smile:

I am trying to edit the roaming ralph tutorial by addying my own actor.
Whenever I add any other line in the World class, it gives me an indentation error even though the code is properly aligned.

Secondly, i wish to add a collision sphere to my actor even though it has the collision ray coming out of it.
Is it possible to add 2 collision solids to a single actor?

Make sure that you use a consistent method of indentation. If the file uses spaces (which it probably does), then you must also use spaces, not tabs. Same the other way around.

Yes. The manual explains that.